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BUY FOR ₴1999 - GET A P1G® 2023 CAP! More details here!

Comfort, practicality and durability – the main criteria that a good military uniform should meet. Multicam, pixel, camouflage – popular colors that are actively used by manufacturers along with plain products. And in the PROF1Group online catalog, it is easy to order high-quality products of well-known brands, which will be promptly delivered to the recipient.

Military uniform: types and features

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the seasonality, as well as the conditions of the future stay, on the basis of which the optimal models of military uniforms will be chosen. The range of available goods is quite wide, the following categories of products are available:

  • pants;
  • shirts;
  • vests;
  • jackets;
  • headwear;
  • costumes.

The last category includes not only basic products, but also a special camouflage series that allows you to remain unnoticed in the surrounding environment. Military uniforms for men and women are on sale: all members of the armed forces will be able to choose the latest models for themselves.

Buy a military uniform: basic selection criteria

Choosing the right army clothing requires attention to various aspects, including practicality, quality and compliance with established norms. When buying, it is important to consider the following criteria:

  • Before starting the selection, it is useful to study the basic requirements and standards that are relevant for the armed forces, and also correspond to the specifics of those tasks, the performance of which is the most frequent. This will ensure fast shape recognition, which is important in difficult, dangerous environments.
  • Comfort and convenience are determined by functional details: the presence of pockets, loops, fasteners for equipment and other additional elements.
  • The durability of the product depends on the quality of the materials, so military clothing must be made of strong, wear-resistant fabrics that can withstand extreme conditions. Special attention should be paid to the finishing of seams, as well as accessories: zippers, buttons and fasteners.

Military uniforms of various sizes are available for sale. What is important is maximum wearing comfort, as well as complete freedom of action – nothing should restrict movement. The size grid of the manufacturer, in which the exact measurements are indicated, will help in the choice. Seasonality must also be taken into account – climatic conditions, as well as the environment, directly affect the purchase of appropriate clothing.

Pixel and cartoon military uniform: buy in Ukraine at favorable prices

PROF1Group online store is created for those who rationally approach savings, preferring to order quality products on favorable terms. We cooperate with leading suppliers and sell products of well-known brands: P1G-Tac, Sturm Mil-Tec, 5.11 Tactical, A-line, X-BIONIC, Sturm Mil-Tec and many others. Our advantages:

  • Delivery across Ukraine. The goods are already in stock, so the application will be promptly processed immediately after registration, and the selected items will be sent to any part of the country in a way convenient for the recipient.
  • Help with selection. Experienced consultants will tell you in detail about the features of each product, and can provide additional information and help you choose the best model according to your request.
  • Flexibility of payment. Cash, non-cash settlement, as well as payment in installments from PrivatBank. There are special offers and favorable discounts for wholesale buyers.

Purchasing a military uniform in an online store – it is a comfortable and rational way to order the necessary equipment and equipment for the military. We take into account the urgency of each request, so we immediately start forming orders immediately after their confirmation.

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