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Warranty and returns - PROF1Group® Online Store

Terms of the warranty period

By making purchases in our store, you can be sure that all your rights are respected.  Our shop is guided in its work by the Laws of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection".

The warranty period for goods ranges from 2 weeks to 36 months, depending on the product. Warranty provided by the manufacturer or seller. For seasonal goods, the warranty period is calculated from the beginning of the corresponding season.





Terms of calculation for seasonal goods, Footwear:

 - Winter assortment, from November 15 to March 15;

 - Spring-Autumn assortment, from March 15 to May 15, and from September 15 to November 15;

 - Summer assortment, from May 15 to September 15.

The date of commencement of the warranty period begins upon receipt by the buyer of the goods. When receiving the goods, carefully inspect it for any defects.  Confirmation of warranty is a warranty card.  Therefore, keep these documents for the duration of the warranty.

Warranty service is the free elimination of product deficiencies that have arisen through the fault of the manufacturer, while respecting the rules of operation.  Free warranty repair is carried out only if the product is found to be defective due to a manufacturing defect.  The terms of elimination of the warranty case are 14 days from the moment the goods are returned to the warehouse.


Warranty obligations are canceled in such cases:

 - factory packaging, hologram, sticker, seal and others are damaged;

 - the product has pronounced mechanical damage, resulting from any actions of the buyer, or third parties;

 - the product was repaired by unauthorized persons;

 - defects are caused by changes resulting from the use of the goods with a purpose that does not correspond to the established scope of application of the goods;

 - the goods are damaged as a result of natural elements: fire, flood, earthquake, household factors and other situations beyond the control of the seller.

Return & Replacement

When returning / replacing goods in our online store, carefully read the terms of this section.  To return / replace goods, you need to send the goods purchased from us to the address specified in the warranty card with the application.  After we receive the goods, we will check the products.  If all the conditions are fulfilled, we will exchange the goods or refund the money paid for it.

The product, which is under a warranty case, must be clean, without pollution.  Return / replacement of the goods together with the completed application form for return / replacement of goods is carried out by the courier service "Nova Poshta".


Return / Replacement

You can return / replace the item within 14 days after purchase*.  This right is guaranteed by the "Law on Consumer Protection".  Return / Replacement of goods is done by returning the purchased goods to us with subsequent refund of funds to the buyer or replacement with another product.

To use this feature, please ensure that:

• the product was not in use, was not washed and has no traces of use: scratches, chips, abrasions, has not been changed, and so on;

• the product is fully equipped and the integrity of the package is not compromised;

• All labels and markings are saved.

The main condition for the return / replacement of goods is the completed "Application for return / replacement of goods", which must be enclosed with the goods in the package.  Without this application in the package, returns / replacements are not considered.

The cost of delivery of the goods to be returned / replaced, is paid by the buyer.  If the reason for the return of the goods is a "manufacturing defect", then all the costs of shipping the goods are borne by the "Prof1Group".  In this case, be sure to indicate in the Nova Poshta declaration that the recipient pays for the parcel by wire transfer.

Be sure to tell us the EN number (express delivery note of the Nova Poshta) for which you are returning the goods to (067) 659-59-79 (sms, viber) or by email [email protected] .

* - the moment of purchase begins from the moment of receipt by the buyer of the goods in the courier service.



"EASY RETURN" is a simple service that allows you to quickly and easily return an already received product if it did not suit you for certain reasons.

- Free tariff for parcels and documents

- Registration by the buyer in a mobile application or online account in a few clicks

- The term of ordering the service is 14 days from the moment of receipt of the goods

- Sending and receiving is possible from all channels: Post Office, Branch, Courier

- Prior approval of the return with an employee of our online store.


In what cases can be refused to return / replace the goods?

Refusal to return / replace goods may be due to the following reasons:

- the integrity and integrity of the original packaging are violated, etc .;

- there are mechanical or other damages that have arisen as a result of the willful or careless actions of the buyer or third parties;

- an unauthorized opening, repair or modification of the components of the goods was carried out, the design of the goods was changed;

- goods that can not be returned according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers include: panties, underwear, hosiery, spray.


Get detailed information on the return / replacement of goods:

(044) 392-84-49, (067) 659-59-9479, (093) 325-46-90, (066) 839-36-60 Mon-Fri from 09-00 to 18-00 or by e-mail  [email protected]  (please indicate your order number when contacting).