We are reopening! There are a website, a store in Lviv and four stores in Kyiv opened now. More details
We are reopening! There are a website, a store in Lviv and four stores in Kyiv opened now. More details

Payment by installments


"Payment by installments" - PrivatBank payment method

   "Payment by installments" from PrivatBank is a lending service that allows a client to purchase goods by dividing the check amount into equal parts.


How it works in the PROF1Group® online store:

- collect the basket of your order;
- proceed to checkout;
- in the block "Select a payment method" select the option "Payment by installments" and determine the number of payments;
- by clicking on the "Checkout" button and loading the payment page, you pay for the order;

- waiting for the delivery of the order.


We remind you that the PROF1Group® company pays for the delivery of the goods at its own expense if the amount of your order is more than UAH 1500!


More about the terms of this service:

Advantages of paying for purchases with the service "Payment by installments" in the online store of the PROF1Group® company.

1. You can split your purchase receipt from 2 to 7 payments;

2. The commission is 0.01% per month of the purchase amount;

3. Instant activation of the service, without waiting for a response from the bank and a long approval procedure;

4. To make a purchase, you need to be the owner of a PrivatBank card ("Universal", "Gold" or a VIP card), activate the "Payment by installments" service, and also have an available credit limit for this service in excess of the purchase amount. You can fill out an online application for a Privat Bank card by following the link https://privatbank.ua/platezhnie-karty/universalna

5. If there are not enough own funds on the card, then the cost of payment will be debited from the credit balance of your card, and the commission will be 4% of the payment amount;

6. For registration, you do not need to provide a passport, TIN or other documents;

7. Goods purchased under the "Payment by installments" service are returned in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

What you need to know.

    The phrase "Payment by installments" means that the Buyer, when purchasing the goods, gets the opportunity to pay the Seller for the goods for the entire check on the terms of the PrivatBank service "Payment in installments", dividing the payment into several payments. This service is valid for the entire range of goods in the online store and retail stores of the PROF1Group® company. This offer does not apply to the "Gift Certificates" category, to goods from the "Sale" section. The service from PrivatBank "Payment by installments" does not apply to goods purchased in the online store or retail stores of the PROF1Group® company on the terms of the promotional offer. All personal discounts provided by the loyalty card also do not work for this service.

     The service from PrivatBank "Payment by installments" provides for the Buyer to pay a commission of 0.01% and an additional commission (acquiring) of 2.041% of the check amount. The buyer chooses the number of parts into which the check payment will be divided, in the range from 2 to 7 payments. At the time of checkout, the first check payment will be debited from the Buyer's card credit limit, taking into account these commissions. All subsequent payments will be debited on the corresponding date in subsequent months until full settlement.

    The service "Payment by installments" from PrivatBank works with an order amount of 300 UAH.
The maximum loan amount provided by PrivatBank for this service is UAH 100,000. To find out the amount of the first installment, divide the check amount, taking into account these commissions, by the number of payments.

You can read more about the service "Payment by installments" from PrivatBank on the website: https://chast.privatbank.ua/ or from consultants of the online store and sellers of the network of retail stores of the PROF1Group® company.


How it works in PROF1Group® offline stores:

- collect the basket of your order. It can be as one product or several;

- inform the shop assistant that you want to use the "Payment by installments" service;

- determine the number of payments. You can find out the size of your credit limit from PrivatBank for the "Payment by installments" service by sending an SMS to number 10060 with the text chast;

- you pay the first installment through the POS terminal (the initial installment will be withdrawn immediately after placing the order and dispensing the goods).

- you are expecting a confirmation from our employee about a successful transaction.


    If you have any questions, the staff will be happy to answer them.

The organizer / contractor reserves the right to change the terms of this offer.
    Now you can afford to buy the product you have dreamed of for a long time, with less stress on your budget! Enjoy your purchases on our website and in retail stores with the "Payment by installments" service from PrivatBank.