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FAQ - PROF1Group® Online Store

How to pay for bank details, to Privat24?

You can pay through your banking. For example, through the mobile application Privat24 it looks like this: section payments, according to the details, enter IBAN details (this is 29 digit, numeric-letter account, which begins with "UA"). Mandatory condition IBAN details must begin with two capital letters and numbers, without gaps.  After correct IBAN entry, the next window will show the organization assigned to these details.

It is necessary to specify in the payment purpose "Payment to the goods .................. ............. including PDV". Specify the amount of the order, and continue. "Privat24", can still ask for confirmation, enter your personal password again.

You can also make payment via IBOX: select the section utilities, and then the previous scheme.

How can I determine the size of my Lowa® shoes?

To know your Lowa® footwear size, you need to measure the insole of your shoe, find the same insole length in the size grid of your Lowa® shoe and the corresponding size index.

How do I know my discount percentage?

You can find out the percentage of your personal discount in your personal account under "ACCUMULATIVE DISCOUNT”.

Where can I buy the desired item in Kiev?

You can determine the availability of goods in any of our stores and reserve them directly on the page of goods by clicking on the button "RESERVE TO SALES".

How to pay from the organization?

In the payer column, specify the name of the organization that will pay for the order. You can also send the statutory documents of the organization to the e-mail address [email protected].

After receiving the payment, the accounting department will prepare the documents, and we will send the invoice and two copies of the bill of sale with stamps together with the goods. The signed and sealed bill of lading should be sent to the legal address indicated at the top of the bill of lading in the supplier's colum.

How do I get a 12% discount?

To get a 12% discount on the Military and Security Support Program, you need to send us a photo of your ID.

In practice, it looks like this: you place an order, after writing either to Viber or to [email protected] that you placed an order and here is a photo. The manager gives you a discount to the order and sends you an invoice for payment with a discount or sends the order with payment upon receipt at the branch, but with the recalculated price. We remind you that this 12% discount is valid for most brands and does not apply to discounted goods.

How make my text on a dog tag?

To order the service of filling a dog tag and to clarify all the details, you can contact our store "Recruit", where this service is available by phone:

+38 (044) 392-84-53

+38 (068) 133-94-86 Viber, WhatsAppDo you have payment by installments?

Do you have payment by installments?

Yes, we have payment in installments from PrivatBank.

How to get a certificate for a knife?

Every order with a knife includes a certificate for it. If you lose your certificate, please contact [email protected] to receive it again.

How to buy sights and what documents should I send?

When you buy Trijicon® sights, you must provide a photocopy of your passport and user ID code due to the fact that the requirements of the U.S. State Department require a personal guarantee for the user, only a citizen of Ukraine.

Where is the size chart?

You can view the size chart by clicking on the "SIZE CHART" button directly on the product page.

If the size does not fit, can I exchange the item?

Yes, you can exchange or even return the item within 14 days from the date of purchase by contacting the store where you made the purchase.

And when will you have specials?

You can find information about the current promotions on our website in the "SPECIALS" section.


1) Check the correctness of the password, phone number, e-mail

2) If you forgot your password, you can restore it by clicking on the link "YOU FORGET THE PASSWORD", then you must enter your e-mail and get a letter with a link to change your password.

3) Write your data on the mail (full name, phone number, e-mail and other data that you added on the site) and our manager will help you to restore your password.

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