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The Guidance of using promotional codes

This guidance of using promotional codes establish the terms and procedure for receiving, using and canceling promotional codes in the PROF1Group® chain (hereinafter –Brand shops) or on the website (hereinafter - the Site).

Concepts and definitions

The Promotional code is unique alphanumeric code that allows the Buyer to get a special price while purchasing goods through the Site or in the Brand shops.

The goods is an assortment, covered by the Promotional Code, which the Buyers are informed about by electronic messaging, special designation on a product, or otherwise.

The Brand shops are retail trade chains  PROF1Group® in the territory of Ukraine, the contact detail and addresses are given on the Site at the "Our stores" section.

The promotional code consumer is an individual who received the promotional code according to methods of this Guidance.

The validity of promotional code is a term over which the promotional code user is eligible to get the goods by special price with the promotional code.

The Seller is any of entrepreneurs, which is participant of the retail trade chains PROF1Group® in the territory of Ukraine, the contact detail and addresses are given on the Site at the "Our stores" section.

 The Seller’s website –

The Guidance of using promotional codes

  1. Promotional code is good for using in Brand shops or the Site as used the Site from device connected to a local network or the Internet through an IP address is situated in the territory of Ukraine.
  2. Promotional code can be provided to consumers by sending emails, marking goods by special designation or otherwise, either during promotions and customer loyalty programs.
  3. The promotional code consumer can use promotional code only to those goods which this code applies, by the following process:


  1. When placing an order on the Site - specifying your promotional code in the promotional code column;
  2. When buying Goods in the Brands shops – presenting your promotional code to the store employee;
  3. When placing an order with support service’s numbers (044) 392-84-49, (066) 839-36-60, (093) 325-46-90, (067) 659-59-79 – voicing your promotional code to the support service’s operator.


  1. The promotional code usage means to purchase the goods by special price. Usage of the promotional code is only possible to purchase the goods which this code applies.
  2.  The promotional code is one-shot usage, therefore, is enable to purchase the goods by special price only once during the promotional code’s validity. Multiple promotional codes are not added together, therefore, the amount of the special price set is independent of the number of used promotional codes.
  3. Placing the promotional code for public access, including Internet, is prohibited.
  4. The Seller has the rights in unilateral manner make modification to this Guidance of using promotional code, by posting a new edition of Rules in “The Guidance of using promotional codes” section.
  5. The Seller reserves the right in unilateral manner recalls at any time, for any reason any promotional code. These reasons include cases when the Seller has all the basses to believe that the distribution or receipt of the Promotional code was a case of mistake or fraud, illegally in violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the Seller or third parties by promotional code usage, either when the Seller is aware in validity lost and invalid of promotional codes.
  6. In case of a situation that allows for ambiguous interpretation of these Rules and / or issues not regulated by these Rules, the final decision is made by the Seller. The Seller is not responsible by the event of circumstances such as natural disasters, fire, flood, acts of military nature acts, power outages or lack of Internet access, equipment malfunctions, blockages, significant changes in the law unattended by the Seller circumstances